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CPAP Training Videos

How to set up the Dreamstation  CPAP with humidifier:

The following video, produced by Resmed, is a basic explanation of the anatomy and physiology of sleep apnea:

Sleep Apnea Facts and Figures

How to view or upload your CPAP data if you have a Respironics device:

DreamStation CPAP/BiPAP Machine & DreamMapper App Pairing Setup

How to view your CPAP data if you have a Resmed device (click on photo to see video):

How to upload your CPAP data if you have a Fisher & Paykel device:

Cleaning your DreamStation CPAP machine

Proper maintenance of your equipment will prevent respiratory infections and assure a better fit:

How to clean your Respironics CPAP mask.

How to clean your Resmed CPAP mask.

TroubleShooting Mask Leaks